Living Church Fridays – Friday 25th November

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that we have Friday kids and youth every second week, with dinner in between. If you’ve ever been, the vibe is awesome, and it’s a great community feel.

As we’ve been thinking through our mission, vision, culture, and values, we’ve realised the unintended audience for this ministry has primarily been families.

This has been great, but we want Fridays to be an event where everyone feels welcomed and catered for, not just families with kids. So we’re changing the way we do Fridays at Living Church.

From next year, we want Fridays to not just be where families can come and hang out, but a place we can build community – where you, your mates, and your church family, can come and unwind with drinks, nibbles, and good company at the end of the week.

To that end, our very last Living Church Friday this year will be a chance to taste and see what we hope to build on next year. Friday 25th November will include:

  • 5-7pm we will have an end of the week unwind space where everyone is welcome to come hang out.
  • 5-6pm kids can come hear bible stories, play games, and have fun.
  • 6-7 will be dinner, and
  • 7-9 will be a safe space for youth to hang and have fun.

Dinner is usually $5 per person which covers the cost of the meal – but on the 25th the money we raise from dinner will be donated to Micah Projects who work to help people break down poverty barriers, and provide opportunities in the community to create justice and respond to injustice.