Level Up – We need your help

Level Up (previously called Kids Community Connect) is happening in the June/July School Holidays. This year the dates are 3rd – 7th July, followed by the church service on Sunday morning 9th July.

We usually have more than 100 kids come along – so as you can imagine there is plenty of preparation required. Everyone in our church is needed to play a part. If you already have decided you would like to help out (& thank you if you have) – let us know by filling in this form.

Here are some of the different areas you can help with:

  • Administration
  • Financially contributing to sponsor a child
  • Prayer
  • Connect and Coffee team
  • Breakfast Team
  • Morning Tea Team
  • Decorations, Props, and Costumes
  • Cleaning
  • Lights, Sound, and Data
  • Small Group Leading
  • Electives and Games leading
  • First Aid