Kids Community Connect – What part will you play?

Kids Community Connect is happening in the June/July School Holidays. This year the dates are 4-8th July, followed by the church service on Sunday morning 10th July.

We usually have more than 100 kids come along – so as you can imagine there is plenty of preparation required. Everyone in our church is needed to play a part. In the coming weeks, we will share here in the Newsletter – ideas of ways each of us can contribute.

If you already have decided you would like to help out (& thank you if you have) – let us know:-

  • Fill in this form
  • Speak with the person on the Next Steps Desk
  • Speak with Megan Wallace when next you see her

Sharing Jesus with someone is one of the best things to do in life. We all play different roles to share that message.

Some of the areas you can help with:

  • Administration
  • Financially contributing to sponsor a child
  • Connect and Coffee team
  • Breakfast Team
  • Morning Tea Team
  • Decorations, Props, and Costumes
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Electives and Games leaders
  • First Aid
  • Lights, Sound, and Data
  • Prayer
  • Cleaning