Kids Community Connect – Opportunity to Get Involved

Kids Community Connect is a whole of church ministry. 

Our entire church, coming together to help kids and their families learn more about Jesus. 

Kids Community Connect – Opportunity to Get Involved 

Have you ever been shopping?  If you have shopped for groceries then we are keen to hear from you because your help is needed. 

In the last couple of weeks we always need some more – more of something.  You can give us the receipts for reimbursement – so it’s not about paying for these items – it’s more finding them and making sure they are here – so we can blast off on 5th July 2021 and explore the Galaxy. 

If you are able to help with buying groceries and delivering them to the Ministry Centre, please complete this form.  

We’d also be glad to hear from you if you’d like to help in any other way – maybe a way we haven’t thought of – just complete that same form