Kids Community Connect – Opportunity to Get Involved

Have you ever made a cupcake?  Cut some sandwichesWhipped up a slice?  Skewered some fruit onto bamboo sticks?  Then you could be the very person we are looking for. 

Kids Community Connect serves morning tea to 150+ kids and leaders for 5 mornings from 5-9 July 2021 and we are asking the whole church if they might be able to lend a hand.  Could you make some cakes and deliver them to the church before the week?  Could you set your alarm a little earlier and make some sandwiches and drop them off on your way to work? 

We just need plenty of delicious, basically healthy food to fuel the morning of games and songs and dances and other mayhem. 

Please think about how you might be part of our church-wide team that serves at Kids Community Connect.  If you would like to “put your hand up” for food preparation or anything else at Kids Community Connect – please fill in this form