June Board Update

Over the past few months, the Living Church Committee of Management and Elders (Board) have been wrestling with many issues regarding the ministry of our church.

Professional review of Staff

The Board have resolved to appoint John Wallace and Divya Judge to undertake a review of roles on the staff team, with the aim of looking at position descriptions, and their effectiveness. The first round of discussions with team members is underway with the hope that a recommendation will be given to the board at the August meeting.

Ministry Plan – 2021-23

The staff team, and the board, have had the opportunity to work through your feedback on the plan. Out of this the team will develop now, soon, and later priorities, and link it back to the budget. An implementation plan will be considered at the next board meeting.

Moderator’s Report

The Board received a report from Dave Thurston as Interim Moderator, noting the formative staff reviews have been completed, and a second ministry planning day to review aspects of ministry was held by the staff team.

Petrina Rangiawha Resignation

The Board received an update from Petrina regarding her role, and her resignation from the staff team. The Board would like to thank Petrina for her contribution to the ministry of the church over the last few years, and wish her well with this next phase.

Membership Review

Note a review of the Communicant Membership Roll has been completed. Where necessary, conversations have occurred with people who have moved on or left the church, before removing them from the roll.