January 2021 Board Update

On Wednesday 27 January, the Elders and Committee of Managers (‘the Board’) met for their first meeting of 2021.

2021 Board Positions

The Committee of Management (CoM) agreed to the following appointments for the year:

  • Rob Storrs and Lorraine Eastwell were welcomed as new managers serving on the CoM
  • John Wallace was appointed as CoM Treasurer designate and CoM Secretary designate. Both of these positions will take effect upon John’s ordination and induction as a Living Church Elder. The Committee authorizes John to actively fulfil the duties of these roles until then.
  • John Wallace was appointed as Session Clerk designate, to also take effect upon his ordination and induction as an Elder, with Phil Strong’s interim-appointment to fulfil non-administrative duties in the meantime.
  • Mal Griffin was appointed to Chair of the Carina Lot 5 and Outdoor Project Committee.

Please continue to pray for the members of our Committee of Management and Elders, as they lead and oversee our church.

Annual Congregational meeting

The CoM agreed to 28th February for the 2021 Annual Congregational Meeting, to be held immediately following morning services. The agenda and supporting documents will be available electronically through Stay in the Loop (email newsletter), and printed at the Next Steps Desk by 14th February.

Quarterly Review of Phil Strong’s Moderatorial Duties

Last year, the board agreed to release Phil Strong from a majority of his pastoral capacity with Living Church to allow him to focus on his PCQ Moderatorial Duties during this time of transition for PCQ. The Commission of Assembly agreed to reimburse Living Church for the cost of Phil’s time. This arrangement was to be reviewed on a 3monthly basis.

This arrangement has continued with the support of the denomination and the Living Church Board.

The Board reviewed this and agreed to continue the current arrangements. The next review date is set for the May 2021 meeting.

Please continue to pray for our denominational body, and Phil and the leadership.

Annual Children’s Ministry PresSafe Review

The board performed their annual PresSafe review, whereby they confirmed their commitment to the PCQ Statement of Commitment, PresSafe policy, and PCQ Policy – confirming their ongoing commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children in all of our ministries. The received and approved the proposed programs, activities, social media, and new people starting ministry to our young people in 2021, subject to receiving and agreeing on more detail on processes.

Ministry Planning 2021 – 2023

Over the past few months, the John Wallace and the staff team have been working on a list of ministry priorities for the next 3 years. The board have received an update on where this process is up to, and confirm the next step is for the staff to engage the congregation for input in enhancing and enacting the Ministry Plan. Details on how you can be involved in this process will be available over the coming weeks and months.

Springfield Update

Josiah updated the meeting on the progress of the ministry of the Springfield congregation, noting the unique challenges created by COVID19 restrictions and the change in venue. The CoM confirmed our support for Josiah and Bloss as they prepare for the birth of their first child.

Please keep our brothers and sisters at Springfield in your prayers, and join us in praying for the Wilsons as they prepare to grow their family.

Interim Moderator’s Report

Dave provided his monthly Moderator’s Report, noting

  • He facilitated the annual Staff Off-site in January in which the team did some thinking around healthy teamwork, and the why of church and the team.
  • A request to invest in mentor support for the team during this period of change and uncertainty
  • Note that 2 Gap year candidates were nominated, interviewed, and confirmed for 2021 – Sam Tobin and Lucas Tan who will both undertake a 1 day per week program.

Please pray for Dave as he carries out his role as Interim Moderator. Pray for the staff as they move through this period of uncertainty, and pray for Sam and Lucas as they join the team in their capacity as Gap Year participants.