Good news! The main building air-conditioning is functioning again.

With the unit being 18 years old, we commissioned Carrier (the units original manufacturer) to write up an asset report to ascertain a long term maintenance and asset renewal plan.

More information:

The most recent fault was a burnt out electrical connector to the water pump. That was resolved with a replacement 2nd hand connector the technician had in his truck. As there are two units, we will soon replace both connectors with new ones.

The reoccurring faults is to do with high pressure safety switch tripping the unit. This occurs when the pressure of the condensers is too high. The cause is the chiller is struggling to cool the water sufficiently before it is returned to the condenser after the air handlers have transferred the cool into the auditorium and/or hall. The technician suspects the cores (think car radiator) are not functioning at full capacity. He mentioned that the unit is working 100% for longer than he thinks necessary.

To help minimize these faults, please close open doors (to the foyer, kitchen walk way and kids church rooms) for as long as practical. I’ve set the auto start for the auditorium earlier by 30 minutes for both the Sunday AM and PM start times.

On a hot day with solar generation the unit costs about $8-$10 per hour to run.

We wait for the report and recommendations to plan what we do next.

If you’d like further information, please contact Tim Collard via or call 33984333.