From the Howells

Our Dear Co-Workers in the Gospel,

We often receive short videos from different ones of our evangelists that are teaching throughout the mountains in Northern Mindanao – about how they are spreading the good news about Jesus and the Salvation that he provides. Generally they just take short videos on their phones and sometimes post them onto Facebook and we can download them and keep in the loop while we work from home.

I thought I would send this one on. A lot of our churches are large and on main roads, but many are way up in the bush in very remote areas. This clip shows about church planting that is going on in one of these remote areas – Overlooking.

There are about 4 guys that go to this place on motorcycles each week and teach and disciple. One of these guys is Rostom from the Tagbak church and he has an artificial leg and only one hand but he is such a huge warrior for our Lord and I reckon that he must have 2 hearts 😊. Hope you enjoy this clip.

Love in Christ, Paul and Deb