Family Discipleship Guide – What’s New

As we leap into our new series it good to let you know about the Family Discipleship Guide, and how it has changed.

The Family Discipleship Guide is written by a team of people to provide a resource to help families spend intentional time together in the Bible & prayer, all based on what we are looking at as a church. There is a new Family Discipleship Guide each week during term, and you can always access it through our web site on

We keep adapting this guide so this term you will see 5 different sections:
– READ – read the Bible passage and reflect on what it means for your family.
– KNOW – know deeper by engaging in creative family activities.
– ENGAGE – a creative activity you can do as a family.
– DO – work out what all the family should do in response to God.
– SING – listen to and even sing songs that respond with our hearts to Jesus.

In each section there are age appropriate activities for families with kids in early years, primary school kids, and high school youth.

Our prayer is that this will be a tool that can equip families to get on with their God-given task of discipling their kids to love and follow Jesus.