Term 1 Mark Series Begins

Faith in Jesus Christ begins a life-long process of learning and growing at the feet of Jesus – as we seek to be with Jesus and be like Jesus. Through the gospel of Mark we come to understand more about Jesus, and understand ourselves as we receive and respond to him.

As disciples of Christ, we have a deep security and strength knowing we are forgiven sinners welcomed into the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father – we no longer live under the tyranny of sin, death, and Satan. This gives us a deep hope in a world that is hurting and broken; it guards us from the temptation to give in to fear or despair or to grasp power and success to shield us from a hostile world. Instead, we will live lives of repentance and faith – of sacrifice and service, of generosity and love. With compassion, we will draw near to the stranger and outsider, the hurting and broken. For in this way we resist the deadly patterns of this world, and the powers that clamour for our allegiance, and instead will follow the humble footsteps of our loving Lord and only Saviour – Jesus Christ. 


31 Jan 2021