City South Campus Congregational Meeting

Meeting to be held at 9am before the Worship Service – 30th August 2020 at the Annerley Church of Christ building, 459 Annerley Rd, Annerley Qld, both in-person and on-line (via Zoom).

Zoom Meeting Details

Sunday 30 August 2020 – 9am

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Agenda Outline
  1. Open in Prayer
  2. Move to carry all motions by show of hands
  3. Move to approve the Financial Arrangements and Transition Plan for City South Independence (Detail in attached documents)
  4. Note that choosing an appropriate name for City South will be included in the process through which we’ll develop our vision and values document over the next three months.
    Also note that the City South Congregation shall suggest an appropriate name for the new Charge to the presbytery, at either the November or December presbytery meeting
  5. Close Meeting


30 Aug 2020