Congregational Meeting Announcement – 29 November 2020

On Sunday 29th November at 10:15am, immediately after the morning service, there will be a congregational meeting held at the Creek Road Ministry Centre, and online via zoom.

At this meeting, we will be voting to approve the 2021 Budget, as presented in the newsletter and at the Towards 2021 event; and voting to appoint 4 Managers to the Living Church Committee of Management.

Nominating candidates for Manager seats

The Session have nominated Divya Judge, Henriette Muller, Lorraine Eastwell, and Rob Storrs from Creek Road Campus.

Members from the congregation can nominate additional candidates. These nominations must be received by the session clerk (designate) by 23rd November 2020, and will be voted on at the congregational meeting. The four candidates receiving the greater number of votes will be appointed to the Committee of Management. If no additional nominations are received, the four nominations from the Session will be appointed.

Nominations for additional candidates to be sent to:
John Wallace – CoM Secretary and Session Clerk (designate),
C/- Living Church Office
PO Box 554, Carina QLD 4152


Deliver to the Church Office at the Creek Road Ministry Centre in time to be delivered to the session clerk by 23 November.

Nominating Candidates for Elders

The Board have also agreed that there will be one new Elder appointment next year. At the congregational meeting, the Board will be nominating John Wallace to be appointed. The congregation can also nominate candidates for Eldership as per the above, and this will be put to a vote at a later date, in due course.

Attached is the agenda for the meeting on the 29th November. Any questions can be directed to, to be addressed at the Towards 2021 evening, and published in the Newsletter on 26th November.

Zoom Meeting Details
29th November 2020 | 10:15am
Immediately after the 9am Worship Service –

Meeting ID: 828 1305 3030
Passcode: 723892