Can you help with Grow Daily writing?

I would like to encourage others to participate in writing. If a lot of people did one, we would have enough. I suspect that many people think that only doing one is of no value, but it is:

It challenges you to think more deeply about a particular passage, which is beneficial to all your bible reading and is uplifting for your spirit

It is sharing your perspective not teaching the bible – you don’t have to be a great writer, I’m not

We are commanded to share ourselves with our fellow Christians – its biblical

It is encouraging each other; its wonderful to hear from other Living Church members; a sense of community

You only have to do one a term

Sandra Hinrichson – Creek Road Campus

If you would like to help write one, or a few, Grow Dailys, we would love to hear from you!

This term we have made some changes to the format of Grow Daily – making them shorter, and more about the writer’s personal reflections.

The feedback we regularly get from the team is that writing these are not only valuable for the readers, but also the writers – giving you an opportunity to really sit with, and reflect on the Word of God.

If you would like to be involved, email