Announcement of John Wallace becoming an Elder

On Sunday we will officially announce John Wallace’s appointment as a new Elder from the Carina campus with John to serve alongside the other Elders and Managers on our church board. The announcement is saying that we are planning to formally commission John as an elder of our church on Sunday 11 April at our Carina campus 9am service.

Whilst we are confident John is right for the role we need to give formal opportunity for any objections. These need to be in writing to Phil Strong by Wednesday 7 April.

Edict for Ordination or Induction of Elders

John Wallace having been duly elected to the office of the Eldership in this Congregation, intimation is hereby given that if any person has any objection to offer to the admission of John Wallace into this office they are requested to lodge their objection in writing with the session clerk, on or before Wednesday 7 April 2021 with certification that, if no relevant objection is lodged and substantiated, the ordination and induction and admission of John Wallace to the eldership in this congregation will be proceeded with at the 9am Carina service at Living Church Creek Road on Sunday 11th April according to the laws of the Church .
Attested by me this 23rd March, 2021
Phil Strong – Session Clerk