Board and Staff Update to Living Church

On Tuesday night, the staff team and Board of Living Church met, and while it is still early days and a lot of questions are hard to definitively answer, we were able to gain some clarity on a few things.

“Business as Usual”

The board are planning to seek clarity directly from the receivers about what “Business as Usual” means in respect to moving forward with our Pastor Selection Process, and a some building maintenance expenditure. We will update you as answers come to light.

Giving and Finances

One of the questions we’ve been asked is the impact this will have on our church finances and property. The ordinary, operational bank account of Living Church is not affected by this development.

The money you give is held by Living Church for the operational and capital expenses of Living Church. So please be assured your giving is still going towards supporting the ongoing ministry of your church, and we encourage you to continue giving to day to day ministries.

Keep praying

In his letter last week, Phil called us to continue praying to God in everything. Continue praying for our denomination, our sister churches, and ourselves. Pray for humble and submissive hearts. You can find the 10 points we prayed through last Sunday in the newsletter post.