An update from the Philippines – September 2020

Below is an update from the Howells in the Philippines, working with the Tala Andig Outreach Program. Please pray for the brothers and sisters in the Philippines, and for Paul and Deb.

Dear Co-workers,

We just wanted to let you know that despite the Covid pandemic which is starting to gain more of a foothold here in Mindanao, we are well, especially our hearts and spirits which our Father continually holds and strengthens. He is laying on our hearts to work hard in the days remaining….our LORD is coming again soon!

Recently we celebrated our 36th anniversary and travel restrictions had lifted enough that our daughter Jen and son-in-law Udi were able to travel out from Cauyunan and visit for the day. It was a special gift to us to be with them, although we have some worries about Jen’s health as her blood pressure has been extremely high and the very day they visited us she had to start taking medication. She seems to be doing better this past week and needs to maintain the meds.

Our biggest concern right now is for our church in San Miguel (close by to Lapoc) which has over 100 members. One of the mothers in this church who is 9 months pregnant has tested positive for Covid and as a result, everyone who has had contact with her is in quarantine, but in spite of these measures, there are a lot of concerns and stresses in the community that the Covid may spread.

Please pray that our brothers and sisters will trust God even more through this situation which could deteriorate very quickly because of the proximity of housing to each other. Many are scared of the unknown and finding it very hard to be house bound. PRAY that this might be a time that they will see God’s mighty arm at work mightily on their behalf. May their eyes be open to all that He is doing for them!!!!!

We are hoping and praying that we can get home to Jubab for Christmas. Please pray that the doors will open for us and a flight will become available. It is one of the great desires of our hearts right now that we can be reunited with our son!

Meanwhile we have been producing a Bible Study tool that will help people to both study the Bible as believers or can be used for outreach. This material is in both audio and movie format and comes with downloadable study guides and pictures. We hope to have this ready to release before too long. It is in 3 languages – English, Cebuano and Talaandig/Higaonon. Please pray for us as we continue to work on this material.

Thank you so, so much for PRAYING our dear Lord’s family!

Lots of Love,

Paul and Deb