An Answer to Prayer from the Howells

Dearest Co-workers

Just wanted to let you know that there has been no further outbreak of Covid in the San Miguel church and the swab tests have all come back negative!!!

And our pregnant sister who had the Covid, gave birth safely to a gorgeous baby boy and he is clear of Covid as well!! They were able to go home to San Miguel from the hospital yesterday!!!!


Thank you so much for praying!!!


This is a GOOD, GOOD problem to have. In San Miguel, we just heard this morning that two weeks ago, before they were quarantined because of the Covid case, there was standing room only in the church. Their leaders had to borrow more chairs and build a makeshift extension to the church building with tarp roofing, and still there was not enough room! Next Sunday, their quarantine will be finished, and they will be meeting again.

In Cauyunan, we heard that last Sunday, many people had to sit outside as there was no more room in the building. There are so many new people who have started attending the church wanting to hear about Jesus!

The same is happening in Limondà — about 30 new people have recently started attending church there looking for salvation and wanting to know the Saviour!

In the Baungon region, our son-in-law Udi told us last week that they desperately need more workers as no matter how much work they do, it just keeps growing. He said, “Those who aren’t looking for opportunities to serve the Lord never find anything to do. But if you are looking for opportunities to serve, the work never runs out, it just keeps growing!”


If you want to join us in prayer just once or for a whole week of fervent prayer – any amount of praying you feel led to do is so appreciated and needed – then please pray for the following:

  • Concerted effort is being made by quite a few Cauyunan church members this week to take the message of salvation into the places of Mayahay, Tingalan, Tagculut, Pudug, Tawili, Tingalan and Binasan. They have been training twice a week for many months to prepare for this. And now they are confident to share the Good News of salvation through our Lord Jesus, and they are ready to be sent out, and these are the places they feel God wants them to focus on.
  • October 8 is a big day for missions here! The church leadership from each of our five regions will be meeting to discuss who they will send out and from which of the churches, to form a new mission team in the Baungon region. The work there just keeps growing as Udi said, and a full-time team is needed.
  • The Man-ai church (one of the youngest of our churches) is expanding their outreach to three new areas and they are so excited to share the salvation they have received with others! It is so heartening that they don’t want to keep this good news to themselves, but they want to shout it out!

After many months of being locked down and not allowed over the state border into the Baungon region, our son-in-law Udi and his team were finally able to get back there last month.

One of their concerns had been this beautiful 102-year-old (in this selfie with Udi) wondering how she has been through the Covid pandemic, but they found her safe and sound!

The new believers in the Baungon region were overjoyed when Udi and the team arrived there and some of them broke down and sobbed. They had missed their bible teachers so much and they had missed the teaching from the Living Word.

Please pray with us, especially on October 8, as we make plans for sending out another missionary team to work full-time in this region. Currently, Udi and his team travel over 20 hours each week in itinerant ministry to 3 different villages in this region.

Thank you so much for standing with us in this ever-expanding work of the Kingdom!!!!

Love Paul and Deb and all the team