A special opportunity to join our brothers and sisters in a PCQ wide online service

Last week there was a post about a combined PCQ Online Service on Wednesday 16 June- 6.00pm.

Because we believe gathering as God’s people to pray and reflect is a good thing, we are planning to stream this online service here at the Creek Road Campus, and invite you all to join us.

It would be lovely to have as many of our people join in this. if your Growth Group meets on Wednesday nights, it might be a lovely thing for you to come as a group.

In the lead up to this service, The Reflection and Meditation team have provided some Guided Meditations which can be found below.

Individuals are also invited to submit prayers prompted from these guided meditations to be used in our reflection and prayer service. These are to be submitted by 7th June. (Contact the Living Church office for details on how you can submit these prayers)

Guided Meditations