A Sneak Peek at the refreshed Living Church Website

Now the need for an online church hub is easing, we’ve taken this opportunity to refresh our Living Church website.

What you’ll notice is the same

We’ve kept the same look and feel as the online hub – using tiles and buttons on the front page to direct you to important and key information.

What you’ll notice is different

In an attempt to answer the question “who is the website for?” you’ll notice the new site is split into 3 sections – a section for Christians looking to find out about our church, a section for people who don’t call themselves Christian, and you guys, who call Living Church your church.

Each section has information that each group is likely to want to see.

If you want to have a sneak peek and look around the new site, you can use the link below. We are hoping to go live with the new site early next week.

Any comments or feedback can be forwarded to vickimeehan@livingchurch.org.au.

We hope you find this new structure helpful in easily finding the resources you need, but also as somewhere you can refer those you talk to, to help them find out more about our church and our faith.