Prayer request for Annerley Presbyterian (King Street)

To the congregations of Mowbray Presbytery

You may have seen the ABC news article last week about a fire Annerley Presbyterian (King Street).

Martin Duffield (Minister at Annerley) advises that at this point he has no more news than what is in the report below, and has let us know the following about the fire at Annerley Presbyterian Church (in the hall):

It hasn’t affected ministry here in any practical way. The only change for us is portable toilets in the car park, otherwise everything goes on as (covid) ‘normal.’

The PCQ and its insurer have taken over completely, the securing and restoration of the building.

The only prayers we have are of thankfulness to God that, providentially, the wind blew directly against the flames straight down the building and that meant no other properties were affected in any way and that no-one was injured. They were large mercies.

We thank God too for the fire brigade who, as always, were wonderful. Some of them expressed genuine pain that such a beautiful old structure was damaged as it was.

We were doubly pleased none of their men were injured in God’s mercies.
We regularly pray from the pulpit for our SES people like QFES, QAS and police. We were reminded on Friday why!

Thanks again for your concern.
God bless

Please remember the congregation at Annerley in your prayers.

Kind regards,
Phil Strong
Clerk of Mowbray Presbytery