Kids Community Connect Cleaning Crew need you

Can you imagine how much mess is generated by 100+ kids and the leaders who are running after them?  The answer is plenty. 

Each day at Kids Community Connect it would be helpful to have a one or two people who are able to come along after the kids have gone home and vacuum, take out the rubbish, wipe down the sinks – in a word, cleaning.   

Could you give us a hour or so, in the afternoon – when everyone has gone home to tidy up?  You could do one day or a few.  Just give us the details when you complete this form  

Kids Community Connect runs from 4-8 July 2021.  Primary aged Kids and families from the community join us in a week of fun – games, stories, dressing up and plenty of time sharing Jesus and his great love.   

It is also a time when our whole church comes together to share in this ministry.  This is a week for everyone to join in.